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The goal and purpose of this site is to provide South Fayette Township taxpayers with information and assistance. If you require anything further, please contact me at (412) 225-8398.
                                                 -Anne Beck

Tax Dollars at Work for Education

"South Fayette unseats Mt. Lebanon as top-ranking school district in Pittsburgh region" For more info click here to see the full story.


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Dear Taxpayers:

I was informed by the county that several mortgage companies provided incorrect lists to the county. This resulted in bills being mailed directly to tax payers instead of their mortgage companies. If you received your bill and it should have gone to your mortgage company, you must forward the bill to your mortgage company and contact the Allegheny County treasurer’s office at 412-350-4100 and ask them to change the tax bill mailing address to your mortgage company’s address.

The 2016-2017 school tax millage rate is 26.7 mills.

With regard to the school tax increase for 2016-17, please note that I am only the collector and do not set the tax rates. For questions/comments about the increase, please contact the director of finance, Bryan D. Tony at (412)221-4542 or bdtony@southfayette.org and/or the school board.

The school board can be reached by email at the following addresses:
William Newcomer - wnewcomer@southfayette.org
Teresa Burroughs - tburroughs@southfayette.org
Alan Vezzi - avezzi@southfayette.org
Leonard Fornella - lfornella@southfayette.org
Lena Hannah - lhannah@southfayette.org
Alexander Czaplicki - aczaplicki@southfayette.org
Todd Petrillo - tpetrillo@southfayette.org
Paul Brinsky - pbrinsky@southfayette.org
Jennifer Iriti - jiriti@southfayette.org

With regard to the township tax increase for 2016, please note that I am only the collector and do not set the tax rates. For questions/comments about the increase, please contact the township manager, Ryan Eggleston at (412)221-8700 or reggleston@sftwp.com and/or the township commissioners.

The commissioners can be reached by email at the following addresses:
Joseph Horowitz -- horowitz@southfayettepa.com
Gwen Rodi -- grodi@southfayettepa.com
Lisa Malosh -- lmalosh@southfayettepa.com
Jessica Cardillo -- cardillo@southfayettepa.com
Ray Pitetti -- rpitetti@southfayettepa.com


My name is Anne F. Beck and I am the Property Tax Collector of our community.

As a Pennsylvania Qualified Tax Collector, it is my pleasure to serve this community and assist every taxpayer to the best of my ability within the authority and legal powers of this office. In addition to providing residents and businesses with important tax information and professional service, one of the primary functions of any community tax collector is to be the independent collecting agent for a municipality and school district under Pennsylvania law.

A tax collector does not set property assessment values, tax millage rates or collection due dates and does not have the ability to reduce penalties, delinquent fees or accept payments once the property has been turned over to the delinquent tax collecting agency.

IMPORTANT: ONLY THE CURRENT TAX YEAR is permitted to be collected in the local South Fayette Township Property Tax Office. After December 31, all delinquent and unpaid taxes are to be turned over to the delinquent tax collection agency depending on the tax. For both South Fayette Township (municipal) taxes and school district taxes, the agency is Jordan Tax Service, 724-731-2300. Once the unpaid accounts are turned over to Jordan Tax Service, additional costs will be added to the 10% penalty amount of the tax for their collection services which could increase your bill significantly.